Our deer breeding program has consistently produced 200+ B&C class bucks for the last 11 years. In fact, our current breeder (#357) has a staggering B&C score of 298!

Our Exclusive Bloodline
Our exclusive whitetail deer breeding program was started in 1996, consisting of two purchased bucks and handful of does. Since that time, there have been no outside deer brought to ranch. By keeping our bloodline pure, we have created our own distinct line of native, South Texas whitetail deer. Controlling the bloodline allows us to minimize genetic abnormalities, reduce the introduction of disease, and restrict other defects from entering our breeding lineage.

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Doe Quality
At Machen Ranch we feel one of the most overlooked aspects of the deer breeding industry is doe quality. Despite what you might believe, in our 11 years of breeding experience we've found that a great buck cannot overcome a poor doe. Breeding your 240 B&C class buck with a poor-quality doe will not yield a 200+ class offspring. Since we started our whitetail deer breeding program, we have strived to breed only the best quality does with our bucks. We focus on qualities like: quality 1, quality 2, and quality 3.

Because we guard our bloodline and doe quality so closely, we only sell three or four does per year -- and only in the fall. We only sell does that are four(4) or five (5) years old, thus giving our buyers quality does with several years of good breeding left.

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The Best Feeding Program
Since we began our program, our goal has been to create the very best feeding program in the industry. Our ranch was key in the development of the Los Cazadores 18% Deer Feed -- the best deer feed in the industry. All Machen Ranch deer are fed this specialized formula -- and the proof is seen year after year.

Our bucks produce bigger antlers and bodies and have less problems with antler breakage than deer herds on other feeds.